My name is Paul Girard; paramedic, entrepreneur, and creator of the EMS Continuous Quality Improvement system. Traditional EMS quality assurance is ineffective and focuses on punitive action; in fact, there are FIVE major pitfalls with traditional quality assurance that most agencies are not aware of. My team and I have crafted a complimentary report, valued at $19.97, “EMS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – Who Needs It & Why!”, and I am giving it to you for nothing.

To name just a few, here’s some of the things found in the report:

  • How to implement CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) in your EMS agency
  • How to increase the accuracy of run form reports and patient assessment
  • How to decrease delays in patient care
  • How to know when to activate ALS care

Once you learn some of the pitfalls to avoid and how to deploy CQI in your service, you’ll radically decreases risk for EMTs & paramedics, and boost the revenue returns and overall quality service in your EMS agency.

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- Paul Girard

Continuous Quality Improvement

Our continuous quality improvement management program is an education based, turnkey program. We do it all for you.

Look at our Services

QA / CQI Management

We spend a great deal of time coaching, mentoring and educating field providers to get the most from them.

EMS CQI Consulting

Many agencies perform QA/CQI. But how do you know if your QA program is working? We can help!

Patient Care Auditing

Properly auditing EMS run reports is a time consuming and difficult task. It also is an essential first step in the quality improvement cycle.

Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation

CCR is a program for the management of cardiac arrest patients that is resulting in significant improvement in patient survival.

EMS Billing

Are you collecting everything you should? Billing and collections is the lifeblood of every EMS service.

Education Programs

Girard & Associates can provide Continuing Education and EMS refresher programs for your organization.

About Us

A Full Service EMS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Consulting and Management Firm!

Girard & Associates specializes in designing, implementing, and managing EMS QA / EMS CQI programs for emergency medical service organizations. Whether you are a public, private, volunteer, or third party EMS system we design programs to fit your need.

Our specialty is managing patient care quality improvement programs (EMS CQI), utilizing a unique database and performance scoring system. Our system (designed by G&A specifically for EMS systems) allows your organization, as well as each field provider within it, to see exactly how well they provide patient care and where efforts should be focused to improve.

Girard & Associates Mission Statement:

Girard & Associates is dedicated to perform (CQI) Continuous Quality Improvement programs for EMS agencies. Girard & Associates provides specific (QI) Quality Improvement services that will measurably enhance existing programs. Our commitment to service excellence ensures absolute compliance to the highest EMS standards.

President, Paul Girard

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