EMS Education Programs

Girard & Associates can provide Continuing Education and EMS refresher programs for your organization. Our experienced instructor coordinators (I/C’s), and instructors are all EMS professionals with significant field and teaching experience. What makes our programs unique is we use the data in our extensive database to identify problems field providers commonly make and address those issues in every class we teach.

Provider’s field care evolves over time and so do the problems that crop up on calls. Our database identifies actions, inactions, and common errors that oftentimes go unnoticed by management personnel until a significant issue arises. We address those issues as they are identified and present them to the staff during Continuing Education and refresher programs so your field personnel are always up to date on the problems occurring now. Even if you do not use our QA/CQI program your staff can benefit from the experience of others to improve the care they provide through our custom education programs.

To discuss your agency’s EMS education program, contact us!

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