EMS QA / CQI Program Management

Our continuous quality improvement management program is an education based, turnkey program. We do it all for you. We spend a great deal of time coaching, mentoring and educating field providers to get the most from them. Our system is uniquely designed to identify real and potential issues before they become a major headache. Our scoring and rating system© enables us to get to the problem quickly at the first signs of trouble. We will work with your medical director to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed or unaddressed. The EMS QA/CQI management program includes:

  • Auditing of 100% of your EMS patient care reports
  • Development and implementation of your department QA/CQI plan
  • Feedback to all staff members quarterly to review their data and the low level and documentation issues identified in the audit.
  • Immediate feedback with providers for any medium or high level infraction
  • Review of all medium and high level infractions with your service medical director for his/her analysis of the call
  • Utilization of the G&A Performance Rating and Scoring System
  • Interaction with OEMS or regional authorities for any QA/CQI related issues
  • Classes for staff members (that include OEMS credits) when patient care quality issues are identified
  • Individualized remediation programs
  • Incentive program for excellence

To discuss your agency's EMS CQI program, contact us!

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