EMS Patient Care Auditing Services

Properly auditing EMS run reports is a time consuming and difficult task. It also is an essential first step in the quality improvement cycle. In order to determine how well an agency and its field personnel are performing it is necessary to conduct a detailed and thorough analysis of the patient care that has been provided.

Girard & Associates provides auditing services for EMS agencies, EMS medical directors, municipal managers, and others who are interested in obtaining an unbiased opinion of an EMS organizations patient care performance.

G&A audits each PCR using a detailed analytical process developed to identify a wide range of issues. After a PCR is audited the auditor applies a numeric value to the PCR based on its risk index. The Girard & Associates Performance Rating© is a numeric value that allows us to score each providers performance and to score the performance of your agency against other similar sized agencies. Not only can we tell you how well you are doing but we can tell you exactly what you need to do to improve. Your QA department can then go to work using accurate, timely data that can be measured and improved upon.

To discuss your agency’s EMS Patient Care Reporting program, contact us!

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