EMS QA / EMS CQI Consulting

Many agencies perform QA/CQI. But how do you know if your QA program is working?

We can help. Girard & Associates provides consulting services to EMS agencies looking to improve their QA/CQI program performance.  We also can assist you in developing strategies for solving specific patient care related problems. Our staff is trained in how best to identify, quantify, and correct a multitude of patient care problems that many EMS agencies experience. We can assist in:

  • QA/CQI Plan Development
  • QA/CQI Process evaluation and improvements
  • Auditing processes evaluation
  • Data Collection
  • Patient Care Data analysis
  • Improvement Process Methods
  • Incentive and Reward Program Development
  • Methods and Processes for Creating a Culture of Improvement
  • Evaluation or Development of Best Practices in Patient Care

Don’t leave quality to chance! Contact Girard & Associates for more information.

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About Us

A Full Service EMS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Consulting and Management Firm!

Girard & Associates specializes in designing, implementing, and managing EMS QA / EMS CQI programs for emergency medical service organizations. Whether you are a public, private, volunteer, or third party EMS system we design programs to fit your need.

Our specialty is managing patient care quality improvement programs (EMS CQI), utilizing a unique database and performance scoring system. Our system (designed by G&A specifically for EMS systems) allows your organization, as well as each field provider within it, to see exactly how well they provide patient care and where efforts should be focused to improve.

Girard & Associates Mission Statement:

Girard & Associates is dedicated to perform (CQI) Continuous Quality Improvement programs for EMS agencies. Girard & Associates provides specific (QI) Quality Improvement services that will measurably enhance existing programs. Our commitment to service excellence ensures absolute compliance to the highest EMS standards.

President, Paul Girard

Paul Girard - President, Girard & Associates EMS CQI & EMS QAPaul first started in EMS in 1980. He became an EMT in 1981 and a paramedic in 1986 from Northeastern University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bryant University with a B.S. in Business Administration minoring in Finance.  Among certifications he holds CHC, Certified in Healthcare Compliance, CAC, and Certified Ambulance Coder. He served as a Site Reviewer for (CAAS) Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. He was the Director of Paramedic and Ambulance Services for Caritas Norwood Hospital for 7 years. During this time he transformed the department from a loss leader to a highly profitable department by instituting cost controls and adding 3 new profitable product lines. Paul has worked within the (CQI) Continuous Quality Improvement area since the mid 1980’s. Paul started Girard & Associates, LLC in 2005. Girard & Associates provides quality improvement auditing, plan development, and administration of agency QI programs for emergency medical services agencies.

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EMS Billing & Ambulance Billing in Massachusetts

Are you collecting everything you should? Billing and collections is the lifeblood of every EMS service in Massachusetts. Treating and transporting the patient is only half the story. Girard & Associates can provide effective, EMS / Ambulance billing services in Massachusetts. Our staff of experienced billers and coders provides the same attention to detail as our EMS QA auditors. By bundling your QA, billing, and education programs with Girard & Associates you reap several benefits. You get the same high quality service from our experienced staff, and the benefits of bundle pricing. Buy two or more services together and save!

To discuss your agency’s EMS Billing & Ambulance Billing in Massachusetts , contact us!

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Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation (CCR) Training Programs for EMS

CCR is a program for the management of cardiac arrest patients that is resulting in significant improvement in patient survival. It is catching on nationwide and is being practiced in many parts of the country. Here in Massachusetts, the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) has approved a waiver for its use by EMS personnel.

Originally brought to Massachusetts by Dr. Andrew Geller at Norwood Hospital, it is now being performed in several Massachusetts communities with impressive results.

To discuss your agency’s Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation (CCR) training program, contact us!

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EMS Education Programs

Girard & Associates can provide Continuing Education and EMS refresher programs for your organization. Our experienced instructor coordinators (I/C’s), and instructors are all EMS professionals with significant field and teaching experience. What makes our programs unique is we use the data in our extensive database to identify problems field providers commonly make and address those issues in every class we teach.

Provider’s field care evolves over time and so do the problems that crop up on calls. Our database identifies actions, inactions, and common errors that oftentimes go unnoticed by management personnel until a significant issue arises. We address those issues as they are identified and present them to the staff during Continuing Education and refresher programs so your field personnel are always up to date on the problems occurring now. Even if you do not use our QA/CQI program your staff can benefit from the experience of others to improve the care they provide through our custom education programs.

To discuss your agency’s EMS education program, contact us!

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